Japanese Reiki words and phrases

Byosen - a method of scanning for disease - can be detected with hands, but will vary depending on the severity and condition from person-to-person - literally means energy sensation of sickness (imbalance/disease). Byo means ‘disease, sickness’ and Sen means ‘before, ahead, previous, future, precedence’, Rei means ‘energy, soul, spirit’ and kan means ‘emotion, feeling, sensation’; detecting sensations such as tingling, tickling, pulsating, piercing, biting, pain, numbness, heat, cold and so forth (also Byosen Reikan-Ho, scanning);

Chakra Kassei Kokyu-ho - a breathing technique to activate the chakras which sends Reiki to the whole body and activates the chakras; literal translation of Chakra Kassei Kokyu ho is ‘breathing method to activate the chakras’

Chiryo ho  - Reiki treatment / medical treatment / healing treatment; a technique for getting a message across to the subconscious mind with Reiki; helpful technique to reprogram the mind (i.e. such as the removal of a bad habit, strengthening a positive or new habit, etc.); Hanshin Chiryo - a way of treating the back; Tanden Chiryo - a quick energizer of the sacral plexis (sometimes taught as part of the Radiance Techniques); Seiheki Chiryo - a mental emotional technique (that has disappeared?); Kokiyu-ho - a breath empowerment technique (possibly used by the Radiance technique group)

Enkaku Chiryo - a distant healing

Gakkai - an academic / learning society

Gassho - a Muhdra / a Gesture of Respect and Humility / a Prayer position
putting your hands in prayer position and holding them in front of your chest by/above your heart

Gedoku Ho - technique to detoxify and purify

Gokai - the concepts; the Reiki precepts; the principles; (Gokai Sansho - Reiki affirmations) a technique that is used as part of Hatsu Rei Ho. Gokai Sansho - Gokai means 'five commandments'; Sansho means 'singing three times

Gyoushi-ho - The method for healing with the eyes - technique for sending healing energy. Gyoshi means ‘gaze, stare or fixation’ and ho means ‘technique, method or way’. In the Usui Hikkei it states that Reiki emanates from all body parts, but strongest from the hands, eyes and the breath.

Hado Kokyu-ho - A method of vibrational breathing - technique which will improve the function of internal organs and used to induce relaxation

Hatsu rei ho - Japanese Reiki technique combining meditation, minor empowerment, precepts and self healing intended to enhance the flow of personal Reiki energy.

Hesso - relaxation

Hibiki - sensation felt in the hands when scanning/healing

Hikkei - manual

Hiroshi Doi, member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai founded by Mikao Usui who teaches Gendai Reiki Ho, combining aspects of Western and Japanese Reiki and who has studied various energy healing systems

Jacki-kiri Joka-ho - method of transforming negative energy into positive -  technique used to cleanse and purify, often used to treat a scanning that will not easily heal

Joshin Kokyuu Ho - (cleansing breathe) a breathing technique to strengthen energy, collect energy in your tanden (lower abdomen) and learn to let the energy flow out through your hands - part of Hatsu Rei Ho. (

Jumon - sound to invoke a specific universal vibration; the Reiki symbols each have a Jumon, which is it's name or mantra

Kaku - Assistant

kan - emotion, feeling, sensation

Kassei - active / activate

Kenyoku ho (Dry bathing / brushing off) - technique to cleanse the etheric and physical body; method to strengthens your own energy disconnect from others - part of Hatsu Rei Ho. (Take an inbreath before each movementn and breathe out as you brush making an "aaaaahhhh" sound while exhaling.

Kihon Shisei - Standard Posture (sitting on chair or floor, relaxed and with closed eyes and palms facing down in lap and focus on Hara) - a technique that is used as part of Hatsu Rei Ho

Ki Ko - Qi- Gong, a healing discipline that teaches the practitioner to build up their own life force energy

Koki ho - healing through breath; Kokyu - breath / respiration; Gassho Kokyu-ho (Seishin Toitsu) – breathing / concentrated breath thru the hands

Kota dama - affirmation/mantra to connect to the source of Reiki energy

Mokunen - Specific Focusing

Netatsu Ho - technique used to alter negative thought patterns or behaviour.

Okuden - second level on the Reiki path; Level Two

Rainbow Reiki - technique to match the frequency of specific physical or emotional conditions using symbols and colour

Rei - energy, soul, spirit, light

Reiji - indication of the Reiki energy or a technique - powerful prayer to be used prior to starting a treatment

Reiju - Empowerment, used by the Reiki Master to put higher frequency Reiki energy into the student to raise their vibrational frequency

Reiki Mawashi - Method of passing on Reiki (energy) to help Reiki students become more sensitive to the energy by way of holding hands in a circle - letting Reiki energy flow through the whole group

Reiki Undo - Movement of spiritual energy. This is a Qi Gong technique introduced to Japanese Reiki for movement of energy through the body - introduced by Mrs. Koyama, the sixth president of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai - that helps us learn to listen to our own body’s needs and activates the body’s inherent self healing abilities

Seiheki - disposition; inclination; characteristic; idiosyncrasy

Seishin Toitsu (Contemplation / Concentration) - A technique that is used as part of Hatsu Rei Ho - visualize breathing through hands while they are in gassho

Sensei - wise/revereed person - a formal way to address someone who is

Shihan - teacher

Shihan-Kaku - beginner teacher

Shihan Sensei - expert Reiki teacher

Shinpiden - third level on the Reiki path = Healing Mastership/ Psychic Mastership or Spiritual Mastership

Shirushi - the Reiki symbols

Shoden - first level / beginner level / Level One / initial stage

Shu Chu Reiki - a technique practiced in a group or at a Reiki meeting - members send energy to one group member wishing / praying for happiness and health; a group treatment

Shuyo Ho - Practicing Hatsu Rei Ho as a group activity.

Usui - Sensei, founder of 'The Usui System of Natural Healing' = 'Usui-do'

Usui-do - The Way of Usui / Usui's teachings.

Usui Gainen - the concepts; the Reiki precepts; the principles;
Usui Reiki Ryoho - Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method. Used by teachers who focus on teaching a traditional Japanese style of Reiki. Hawayo Takata used this on her certificates

Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai - the old Reiki society; the orginal society that Usui Sensei founded

Usui Teate - self hands-on healing treatment

Waka - Waka is a form of traditional Japanese poetry containing 31 syllables. 'Wa' means Japanese and 'ka' means poem. Waka were first created prior to the advent of writing in Japan for celebratory or religious purposes. Poems of the Meiji Emperor were incorporated Mikao Usui into his meetings/teachings (Meiji Renno Gyosei)

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