REIKI Certification Classes - Level One details

Reiki Level One Certification class with Merrie Bakker, Reiki Master

Are you looking to begin to learn to use wonderful hands-on-healing - for yourself and friends, family, pets and plants and to empower your life? Are you looking to empower your wellness? Are you looking for ways to better connect, in these darker times to each other and to the natural world and the light of spirit?
Reiki offers a way to connect with what is invisible yet real and eternal within us and allows us to continue to make progress with living through one's authentic self - in peace and during times of storm.

  • Are you passionate about healing and natural wellness?
  • Are you fascinated with the roots of energy medicine and spiritual thinking?
  • Are you someone who others seek out for advice or guidance?
  • Relax on a deeper level in a short time.
  • Come naturally into a meditative state.
  • Allow feelings to rise to the surface which may or may not be old, almost forgotten feelings and let your deeper relaxation ensure that you can allow these feelings to dissapate.
  • Shine, look younger AND you feel MORE vital

In two full days we thoroughly cover all Reiki and hands-on-healing basics:

  • how to feel energy
  • several methods of channelling energy
  • protection
  • grounding
  • centering
  • entrainment
  • guided meditations
  • powerful energy work with the chakras
  • elements from other modalities
  • how to raise your vibration in order to "run" energy properly
  • the history of Reiki
  • the uses for Reiki
  • Reiki principles
  • Reiki hand positions
  • treating oneself and others
  • group Reiki treatments
  • what is certification
  • Level One Reiki attunements
  • thorough manual & Reiki I certificate
  • participation in Reiki Shares / Exchanges
  • one Reiki session / exchange with Merrie Bakker privately - after the class is finished
  • reduced rate private sessions for 4 months after each class

Do you want to raise your energy vibration?

Do you want to be physically and mentally and emotionally and spiritually more balanced and learn the tried and true ancient hands-on-healing tools that has transformed lives.

Course fee: for group class is $275 ($50 deposit required upon registration) plus taxes.

Course fee: for one-on-one class is $400 ($75 deposit required upon registration) plus taxes.

Payment for deposit and registration and classes can be by cheque, cash e-transfer and credit cards (thru Paypal - I'll send the link.)
More class info at "Classes"

Description of Level Two

Please register by phoning / texting Merrie Bakker at 604-261-7742 or email at

Merrie Bakker