Reiki is often seen as a healing "art". But what actually happens scientifically?

In the May 2002 issue of "EXPLORE! For The Professional", an article by Timothy Ley on Peak Performance describes entrainment. Two people, in close quarters, had their brain waves measured and described. One person showed a new heightened ability to achieve at golf. It was passed on (passively) by being in the close and personal presence of the other person ~ a golf pro with a heightened awareness and focus for golf (...and high scores).

In another situation a happy and energetic child¹s brain waves were measured before and after spending several days of heartfelt and close communication with a depressed adult. The child's brain wave had become chaotic and similar to that of the unhappy adult ~ energy and information transfer without even touching! Much like the energy that flows with healing except for the absense of intention, focus and knowing. We can conclude that one's energy level, brain pattern and state of being are oh so powerful and contagious ~ neuron transfer ~ entrainment!

We have our skin, the epidermis, protecting us and the next layer below, the dermis, which in turn covers a variety of tissues, including the cell matrix and extra cellular fluid. In this interior barrier there are minute areas varying from 3 micromillimetres to 7 millimeters which contain collagen fibres and where there is reduced resistence and lower galvanic pressure. These little sensitive patches we know as acupressure and acupuncture points. We have hundreds of these brilliant, controlled apertures within our body that can "grab or accept" and transfer chi or energy and pass this along deeper into our body as if with micro-cables.

Dr. Patricia Kane, a brilliant biochemist (known for working with the Odone family - we know them as the folks in the movie Lorenzo's Oil), has shown how inside each cell we can see the transfer of energy or charge in the cellular micro-tubules. With extremely high powered microscopes that don't require freezing, staining and altering of the samples to look inside the cell, we can observe the cytochrome (the inner workings of the cell) clearly. Dr. Kane shows that these tiniest of organelles are minute C-shaped wiggelly structures that build up and breakdown on the moment. Energy manifests here as both a vibration nad as a transference of energy or donation and acceptance. The higher frequency donates to the lower one ALWAYS. This is what gives direction and communication inside the cell and between cells. This is movement / flow at the subatomic level. Life itself!

Energy, like water, flows from higher to lower. A higher frequency person donates with touching to the lower vibrating person ~ literally. Healer to client. Is it any wonder that we are so careful as to who we allow to touch us? When you add in specialised intention and expertise, then passing energy into another's body's is a natural flow - a wonderful exchange. Wonderful healing! Energy in motion!

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