Merrie Bakker, Reiki Master & Teacher; Healer, Reflexologist & Dowser

It's been 20 years of learning and teaching many forms of Energy Medicine and preventative health!
In addition to teaching Reiki, Dowsing, EFT and Reflexology classes, I practice and teach nutritional microscopy / live blood analysis and offer ozone / oxygen therapies. Most of this occurs at my healing studio at 107 - 2096 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC.

Merrie Bakker

I was introduced to Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing in the late 1990's. After exploring many methods of self-awareness training, taking a plethora of energy work, body/mind, alternative healing classes, I knew I had finally found, amongst these varied and often awesomely inspiring and wondrous modalities, the key elements that were integral to healing the way I wanted to integrate and present them. (These included Touch for Health™ - Levels 1-4; BodyTalk - Modules 1-3; Brain Gym™; Quantum Touch - Levels 1-3; German New Medicine™ - all levels; Isopathic Homeopathy; Jin Shin Jyitsu™; One Brain™; Neural Linguistic Programming™, Emotional Freedom Technique™; Feng Shui - Compass and Black Hat schools). 
I am currently pursuing a PhD in metaphysics.

Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing were also the tools I could use to take responsibility for my own health. I saw Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing as giving us all tangible tools, effective on all levels ~ environmentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. When the various forms of Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing that I had studied and used had became as comfortable as an old sock, I wanted to pass them on to others to use and so I began teaching.

In my youth I completed Lyceum in The Netherlands and then came to study Fine Arts and Architecture at UBC in Vancouver, BC.

More recently I was the publisher and editor of The Healing Journal, a bi-monthly wholistic health magazine in hardcopy from 2003 thru 2008 and on-line till 2014. The Healing Journal was founded to provide clear honest information - to help level the alternative, health and healing playing fields and to cut through so much false information mostly well-disguised advertorials. The  content ranged from the physical, environmental to the metaphysical, spiritual and from the obscure to the political.

Special Acknowledgement
Many fine teachers have patiently inspired me - Eric Dowsett, Richard Gordon, Alain Herriot, Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson and others, to continue with this work.
Sometimes my clients have unwittingly inspired me when they showed what profound changes and shifts they could make with a little facilitation. They are a testament to open-minded strength, dedication and resilience to the best they can be.

Have you looked at a lot of classes and workshops and don't know which to sign up for?
Wonder how Reiki and Reflexology and Dowsing can be taught in a few hours by some and yet Pacific Holistic takes a whole weekend for a class and for each level?

Is it that simple?
Give me a call with any questions you may have and I will be happy to explain our class and content.
What do you have to loose?
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Merrie Bakker
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