REIKI Wednesdays - $30 one hour sessions

02/21/2018 10:00
02/21/2018 19:00

REIKI Wednesdays
For everyone ~ each Wednesday in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC - one hour - $30 Reiki sessions.
Wondering what Reiki is? Would you like to give it a try? Or if you are looking for an energy boost to support your well-being, then this might just be right for you.
$30, only on Wednesdays - by appointment

Just give Merrie Bakker a quick call / text and guarantee your specific time - in Kerrisdale - #107-2096 West 41st Avenue (right across from MacDonald's) and on numerous bus lines - 604-261-7742,
If, per chance, you receive a message instead of a live person (Merrie Bakker), you will receive a call back / text promptly or an email back promptly with exact location directions and confirmation.

Do you have a health challenge you’re trying to manage or resolve? It could be anything from staying strong and healthy to wondering how you will make it through your next round of chemo or radiation - do give Reiki a try.