Chakra One – Security And Safety

Chakra One – Security And Safety 

Starting at the very beginning.
So, let’s start with the basics – start in on the ground floor, so to speak. As all our parts are inter-connected. You cannot energetically touch ourselves on one level without affecting other levels, too. Now, with this in mind, let’s work on our chakras and we are going to start at the bottom – literally.

The area at the very base of the spine, about an inch in front of the bottom of the tailbone, the coccyx, is the place of our 1st Chakra… think of all the energy that is there, pulled together from the nerve bundles that abound in that area - and this small, weight-less energy area is about the size of a no-weight ping pong ball and it resonates to the color red and the musical tone of C.

You can do a few practical things to energize this specific chakra: wear red underwear; eat red foods such as red berries, tomatoes, red peppers, radishes, beetroot and so forth. And you can do the following energy exercise… and if you know Reiki then you can do this exercise AND run Reiki at the same time!

When you retire, simply relax as much as you know how, lie comfortably in bed, close your eyes, stop the mind chatter and place your attention on the area at the bottom of your spine, just as described above. Visualize that you have pulled the energy of that area together into a small “light as a feather” ball of energy that has a red colour – that could be bright red or burgundy or a deep garnet colour – the colour that comes up is the colour that you are seeing and working with and just gently suggest the colour into the ball of energy if you cannot see a colour there.
When the little ball is round and red and stable and comfortable, then visualize that you have very long etheric fingers and take one of you're hands with these long pretend fingers and gentle, in your mind, from a bird’s eye point of view, give the energy ball, your root chakra, a few quarter turns to the left – counterclockwise – looking down onto it.
So. now you are moving this energy slowly and gently to the left, then see your other hand also having these long helpful fingers and with both hands gently spin the red chakra energy ball to the left – like one would spin a little top.
Let the chakra spin and with your imagining eye, make sure that there isn’t too much wobbling and that it all comes along gently. If there is, then gently correct and start again.
Then stop the spinning to the left and with your mind’s eye, see if the colour is how right to you and with your very long etheric fingers now give your chakra a few turns to the right, from a bird’s eye point of view. And when that goes well, give your chakra a spin to the right with your etheric long fingers of both your hands. And check to see that the spinning chakra stays in place and doesn't wobble.

If you also know Reiki, then run the Reiki energy and if you have level two Reiki, then activate the Power symbol in both of your hands. Rest your hands on your abdomen, and beam the energy through to the base of your spine and your chakra.

So, this is comfortable enough to allow you to drift off to sleep. You may awaken more grounded, relaxed and happy.  This area is all about feeling safe and secure. This means different things to different people and is quite subjective – but there the centre lies! For some of us that could be lots of food stored in the cupboard in case of disaster and for others this is literally and ton of money. Or it may be more complex. But there is the centre in your body where the energetic centre of safety lies.
Energizing and empowering this chakra allows your intrinsic trust in the universe to take care of you to come out.
Eventually you will realize more strongly that you have always managed to provide these things for yourself. It may have just been by the skin of your teeth, but you managed it. And there’s no reason this will ever stop. Running Reiki energy into your Root Chakra will help open up this energy source to help yourself.
Sending Reiki through your base chakra, as described above, will help to balance these feelings, any feelings, of insecurity you may have.

Sometimes, just when you’re deeply in the throws of what seems to be an insurmountable problem, and you’re beginning to doubt everything… and your feelings of insecurity are lurking around every corner, don’t face it alone. Enlist some divine help… go wholesale direct - get out your pen and paper and write a letter to God – say a prayer to your most helpful; saint, direct your request to your embodiment of the god force – whatever you know and believe works for you.

Because it will soon be sorted. Trust in the outcome…

In the next newsletter, we’ll move on to the next Chakra: pleasure, creativity and fun.

Till the next time, then,
Best qi,